McDonald's Corporation
Excellent speaker, very professional. Key messages were relevant and very helpful. His energy is contagious! You won't go wrong with Mike Rodriguez. I would give him 5+ stars. 

Federal Government Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
Mike Rodriguez provided an outstanding all day training for our staff of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The buzz is still in the atmosphere of the office and that is absolutely amazing. Mike brought a very positive sincere and timely message to a staff that was tired, frustrated and feeling beat up by an overburdened workload and an extended period of dynamic change within our organization. Mike not only was able to keep the staff's attention throughout the training but he engaged the staff in meaningful communication that indicated to all present that there was a real connection! Mike is a sincere messenger of good news! That million dollar smile of his is backed up with a sincere servant’s heart and a delivery style that not only helped us to achieve our organizational goals for this training but also sparked the interest among our staff to keep the momentum going! I can truly recommend Mike to other organizations for a positive message of inspiration and hope for other organizations. 

Baylor University, Leadership Seminar
We had the pleasure of inviting Mike Rodriguez as a keynote speaker to our Annual Community Leader Spring Training conference in January 2015. During his two hour presentation, Mike spoke at length on the importance of maintaining a positive attitude in order to build and maintain successful relationships. He was able to show helpful and relevant examples, coupled with personal stories and practical tips that served to empower our student leaders in attendance. He was professional, well prepared and a pleasure to work with. 

Baylor University, Mike as Guest Lecturer
Mike Rodriguez is a gifted motivational speaker who captivates the minds and hearts of his audience. His inspirational words and positive "can do" approach creates a high impact environment which encourages self-reflection and a call to action. Not to mention his passion and energy are contagious. He is a much sought-after presenter, and once you hear him speak, you will know why.

Mike Rodriquez was the the guest speaker at the Institute of Real Estate Management Chapter 99 Inaugural Dinner in Las Vegas. Mr. Rodgiquez gave a powerful and electrifying speech on why you should "Break Your Routine" in order to change your life. I was totally moved and motivated by his speech. Mr. Rodriquez has a great skill at helping you get to the core of your thoughts, which will inspire you to make the shifts needed to be productive in your business and personal activities. As incoming President of the Chapter i felt that Mr Rodriguez speech was spot on and nothing short of dynamic energetic, spirited, active, lively, zestful, powerful, positive; high-powered, enterprising; magnetic and passionate for the actions and directions we needed for the new year. He is a must have and must see talent. I will recommend him for any corporation event! 

Designer Greetings
At our recent National Sales meeting your presentation was a hit. Not only did you address innovative suggestions on selling, but you also connected to a our team by addressing the challenges they face each day. In doing so, you helped our sales team put in place some new ways of approaching their prospects. The true testimonial of your work, was all the positive feedback. Some folks, particularly the seasoned and knowledgeable team members, were actually surprised by how much they garnered from your concepts. I am looking forward to staying in touch, and sharing the success stories that I know we will realize from employing the tactics you discussed! 

We very much enjoyed having you speak at our event.  Your presentations were right on point and I’m grateful that you were receptive to my feedback prior to arrival.  I think we have a wonderful year ahead and I know with certainty that you helped give the team a deserved “shot of confidence.”

Andy Costa
Orion 21 Video Production
As a Filmmaker in my career I had the opportunity to film many established speakers and Authors such as Michael E. Gerber, John C. Maxwell, Rudolph Giuliani and dozen’s more. As a trainer I've created numerous training presentations for corporate America. With this perspective I can say that Mike Rodriguez is among the best sales training I've ever seen. 

Asure Software
I hired Mike as my keynote speaker to kick-off our Annual Sales Meeting. I wanted him to set the tone for a high energy inspiring event. Boy did he deliver! He captured the attention of our team and raised the excitement in the room immediately. Mike knows the rhythm of the success so he spoke with a high degree of authentication. He was an incredible source of inspiration, his connection to the group is still impacting our team today; from the lessons of attitude “I am doing better than great”, to understanding the power of failure and making it work to your advantage. 
Mike’s message epitomizes the core building blocks for anybody who is looking for something different, something better, and something bigger in their life. He delivers his message in way that allows people to see that personal change can happen. I was able to see the group physically start their transformation right then; from skepticism to I can do this! 

Global Vice President, Cambium Networks
I recently had the pleasure of listening Mike Rodriguez present to the Cambium Networks worldwide sales team, at our Sales Kickoff in Chicago in January (2015) this year. Mike, did an excellent job preparing for the presentation, carefully understanding our overall objectives.  This involved him taking the time to speak to a good cross section of the team over a number of weeks. 
As a result of this planning, Mike’s three hour slot met the required objectives perfectly and left the team inspired and motivated. Mike’s presentation style, enthusiasm and knowledge of his topic was made his presentation both enjoyable and interesting.  I am happy to recommend Mike to your organisation and commend his professionalism.

Plano Chamber Board of Directors
had the good fortune to find Mike when our chamber sought a speaker for one of our business seminars. Not only did Mike deliver a dynamic and entertaining talk, he also gave the attendees some real ideals on how to improve their sales game immediately. I am still getting kudos for bringing him in as a speaker. THANK YOU!

Ken Warren
President at Repcorps
Mike's infectious smile makes him instantly likeable but it is his sincere desire to help you reach your maximum potential that you will remember. He listens intently and helps you work through solutions with wise advise. He is very energetic and a strong, engaging speaker. Mike is the real deal and will soon become a trusted adviser

Raul Lugo
Health Insurance Agent
Recently, I went to one of Mike's Sales Bootcamp here in Orlando, let me tell you, it was AWESOME. Mike has the ability to inspire and teach sales techniques and principles that you can start using right away. I definitely recommend Mike Rodriguez for a seminar and/or workshop in any organization.

Tom Ziglar, Proud Son of Legendary Motivator Zig Ziglar
CEO, Zig Ziglar Corporation
"Mike is a dynamic and passionate speaker committed to helping others achieve all that life has to offer. Mike leads with the heart and delivers with authenticity."

Julie Ziglar Norman, President Norman Services Corp., 
Speaker, Author of Growing Up Ziglar and Founder of Ziglar Women
Mike Rodriguez is a man of integrity who holds the full attention of his audience.  His training is fortified with personal experience and his wisdom delivers information that gets results!  I’m proud that Mike Rodriguez represents Ziglar Inc. in the market place.  He lives the principles my father taught.  

Howard Partdridge
President of Phenomenal Poducts,Inc.  
"Mike's presentation skills and sales knowledge is phenomenal, but what I like most is his amazing positive, caring attitude!"

Jill Tibbels
VP of Learning and Development, Zig Ziglar Corporation
Mike is an experienced sales trainer, a motivational and personal development expert and can help your team go to the next level of success.

David Kauffman
Company Owner at Empowering Small Business Inc.
I have had the privilege of knowing and hearing Mike Rodriguez speak several times, and the thing that stands out to me is Mike's genuine and caring nature! He speaks from his heart and connects with the audience and is knowledgeable on many subjects. ...Mike is a champion! 

Joe Burtoni
Owner, Durango Land and Homes Real Estate
From the day I met Mike, it was apparent that he is a leader. His speaking skills and approach to the audience are captivating.

David Simmons
Walmart General Transportation Manager
Mike is a terrfic speaker with a great message of hope and encouragement. He carries the Ziglar brand with honor and responsibility; he has the energy and passion that inspires performance from his listeners.

Travis B. Thompson
Mike is an exceptional sales leader, consistently leading the way and charting a coarse for others to follow. He is a skilled communicator and motivator, bringing out the very best of those under his charge.
Todd Pennington
Time Warner Cable Business Class
I would like to send this letter to you, letting you know that you are by far the best sales leader and sales person I have ever worked with. I have personally grown because of the leadership and knowledge you have demonstrated in your business acumen. Any organization would greatly benefit from your experience in the correct way of growing revenue and generating "Best Practices" of how a sales organization should be run.

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- Julie Ziglar Norman
President Norman SVCS Corp.
Daughter of Zig Ziglar
"Mike Rodriguez is a man of integrity
who holds the full attention of his audience."
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