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"​Like an audio book, 
except you talk live
with the author, asking questions, 
being challenged and
encouraged to think, learn,
and apply."
I    N    T    E    R    N    A    T    I    O    N    A    L,     LLC.
From fortune 500 organizations to Universities and conference keynotes, Mike Rodriguez has lectured, trained and inspired over 100,000 people globally. He is a business and life strategist and a master trainer. We realize that many people are looking for affordable, but quality options to improve skills, gain new insights, or to grow and strengthen their personal and professional development.
As a 5x best selling author featured in news and print, Mike has put together four quality and challenging online courses covering the content in his best-selling books. These courses are designed to help you exceed your goals for continuing your development. Mike will personally facilitate each course and walk you through the chapters and content in the course(s) you choose. 
These courses are like reading the book, but better, as you will review the high-points directly with the author!
YOUR COURSE OPTIONS - Investment reduced by 50% to help during this transition period.
COURSE: Lion Leadership (Based on Mike's book)

In this course you will discover bold strategies that will make you re-think the way you lead. Learn how to get your team on track, re-engaged, and performing at a level that is consistent with your big goals. With three decades of professional leadership experience, Mike's insight should be a requirement for anyone who leads people in today's changing world. 
Mike will help you to identify your vulnerable areas, as he shares how to implement a core vision backed by a solid plan for success. Mike's leadership strategies are used by thousands globally in a variety of industries.

MATERIALS: You will receive an autographed copy of Lion Leadership prior to the course start.

Experience the content from Mike's best selling books live with him.  Mike isn't going to read to you, but rather, he will have an engaging course walking you through the main points from each chapter in an interactive course study.
Each course will be presented live / online with Mike as the instructor. The format will be a secure Zoom call with limited attendees for maximum interaction.

SESSIONS - Each course will last a period of four (4) weeks, one session every week at 6:30 pm CST.

DURATION - Each course will last for one (1) hour each session.

CONTENT - The content will be presented through a combination of Mike's engaging teaching style, partnered with visual aids, group interaction, case studies, and Q&A. 

MATERIALS - Each attendee will receive a signed copy of the book for the course that they have registered.

COMPLETION - Each attendee will be mailed a certificate of completion relative to the course completed.
Registration for all courses closes quickly to ensure active participants. Course sizes will be kept to minimum for maximum engagement. After registration and/or course completion, refunds will not be offered on these discounted rates.Certificates will be mailed two weeks after course completion. Recordings will be available on a limited basis to protect the intellectual property of Mike Rodriguez and Mike Rodriguez International LLC. Courses will be held in the evening hours central time and the time cannot be changed.
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Experience Mike's Books...LIVE!
COURSE: 8 Keys to Exceptional Selling (Based on Mike's book)

In this course you will learn proven sales strategies. 
As an award winning sales leader, Mike has trained thousands around the world and he ha strained alongside legends like Tom Hopkins. Mike shares a deep dive into the 8 Key sales strategies that will change your performance, when you internalize them. These strategies are presented to help you to become the professional that you were meant to be and that your clients and employer expect. Mike teaches sales people to shift their mindset from being "quota centric" to focusing on the client and solutions for the client's core needs and provides the methods to do it. The "8 Keys" apply to all sales professionals, regardless of your specialty or industry.

MATERIALS: You will receive an autographed copy of 8 Keys book prior to the course start.
COURSE: Break Your Routines - How to Make BIG Change (Based on Mike's book)

In this course you will learn how to stop, start, and change key routines.
Almost every person alive has goals and dreams.Things that we would love to do, a life change that we want to make or a desire to attain something or be something more.
Life's purpose seems so much more fulfilling when we can progress our lives towards something worthwhile. The question is why don't we?
In this thought provoking and life planning course, Mike Rodriguez covers the 5 core principles on how to fix your life and attain your goals and dreams. Mike also teaches the single most important element to make this happen.  
Get ready to learn the HOW behind your WHY

MATERIALS: You will receive an autographed copy of Break Your Routines book.
COURSE: NOW Is the BEST Time - How to stop talking and start doing 

In this course you will learn how to develop a mindset of NOW!
What have YOU been putting off in your life?
The truth is that it's easier to justify why you aren't taking action to accomplish an important task, a life goal, or pursue a big dream than it is to find the courage to start. It's easier to stay comfortable and find excuses than it is to face the fear and challenge of doing what you know you need to do. 
In this course, you will learn how to remove your doubt, focus on solutions, and take the necessary steps towards actually living what you have only been considering. Your time on earth is valuable, and your life is worth it.
Get started and learn how to develop a Mindset of NOW!

MATERIALS: You will receive an autographed copy of NOW Is the Best Time book.